Setik CCTV MANUALS AND FIRMWARES In this area you can find files, manuals and firmware ready to download to install and configure the alarm system and video surveillance system. In particular in the Setik download area you can find: dvr manuals, nvr manuals, firmware for Setik dvrs, Dahua Firmware, Software cameras, Dahua manuals but also Bentel manuals for alarm systems and downloadable files for configuring Setik alarm systems.
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Video Recorders Setik


Area Download Setik: file, manuali e firmware pronti da scaricare per configurare al meglio il tuo impianto allarme o sistema di videosorveglianza. Scarica ciò di cui hai bisogno: manuali Dahua, manuali Bentel, Dahua firmware, file Setik.

compress Firmware V.1.001 ST6216H-AI SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.001 ST6216H-AI SETIK sheet

Size: 13,193.58 kb
Upload data: apr 2, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.00 ST6016N SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.00 ST6016N SETIK sheet

Size: 13,013.06 kb
Upload data: apr 7, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.001 ST500XECO SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.001 ST500XECO SETIK sheet

Size: 7,044.12 kb
Upload data: apr 7, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.001 ST5008HECO SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.001 ST5008HECO SETIK sheet

Size: 12,983.77 kb
Upload data: mag 28, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.001 ST6208FD1 SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.001 ST6208FD1 SETIK sheet

Size: 13,141.60 kb
Upload data: mag 7, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.00 ST600XN SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.00 ST600XN SETIK sheet

Size: 12,964.61 kb
Upload data: mag 18, 2015
compress Firmware V1.0 ST6108H SETIK
See the Firmware V1.0 ST6108H SETIK sheet

Size: 12,794.36 kb
Upload data: lug 8, 2015
compress Firmware V1.0 ST6104H SETIK
See the Firmware V1.0 ST6104H SETIK sheet

Size: 12,794.34 kb
Upload data: lug 17, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST8A0832F SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST8A0832F SETIK sheet

Size: 13,231.75 kb
Upload data: lug 23, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST5A083F SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST5A083F SETIK sheet

Size: 12,574.71 kb
Upload data: ago 3, 2015
compress Firmware V1.1 ST6108H SETIK
See the Firmware V1.1 ST6108H SETIK sheet

Size: 12,794.33 kb
Upload data: ago 7, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST5108LT SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST5108LT SETIK sheet

Size: 7,330.80 kb
Upload data: ago 18, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.001 ST7008HD1 SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.001 ST7008HD1 SETIK sheet

Size: 12,983.90 kb
Upload data: ago 28, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST8A1632F SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST8A1632F SETIK sheet

Size: 13,694.10 kb
Upload data: set 7, 2015
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST6A0831A SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST6A0831A SETIK sheet

Size: 11,926.72 kb
Upload data: set 18, 2015
compress Firmware V4.02.R11 ST5A83H Setik 10.19.2015
See the Firmware V4.02.R11 ST5A83H Setik 10.19.2015 sheet

Size: 12,298.38 kb
Upload data: nov 24, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.0 ST8A1632F Setik
See the Firmware V.2.0 ST8A1632F Setik sheet

Size: 12,353.10 kb
Upload data: dic 11, 2015
compress Firmware V1 ST6A0831A SETIK
See the Firmware V1 ST6A0831A SETIK sheet

Size: 12,143.75 kb
Upload data: gen 14, 2016
compress Firmware V4.02.R11.20151019 ST5A83H Setik
See the Firmware V4.02.R11.20151019 ST5A83H Setik sheet

Size: 12,298.28 kb
Upload data: gen 21, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST5104LT SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST5104LT SETIK sheet

Size: 7,133.96 kb
Upload data: mar 1, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.1 ST5108LT SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.1 ST5108LT SETIK sheet

Size: 7,323.35 kb
Upload data: mar 30, 2016
compress firmware DVR1116HC SETIK
See the firmware DVR1116HC SETIK sheet

Size: 13,786.21 kb
Upload data: mar 31, 2016
compress Firmware SNIP08N-8P-DA SETIK
See the Firmware SNIP08N-8P-DA SETIK sheet

Size: 13,736.64 kb
Upload data: mar 31, 2016
compress Firmware V1.2 ST6108H SETIK
See the Firmware V1.2 ST6108H SETIK sheet

Size: 11,862.22 kb
Upload data: apr 5, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.2 ST5108LT SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.2 ST5108LT SETIK sheet

Size: 7,113.38 kb
Upload data: apr 7, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.1 ST5A083F SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.1 ST5A083F SETIK sheet

Size: 12,914.14 kb
Upload data: apr 13, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST6A082FAE SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST6A082FAE SETIK sheet

Size: 12,914.14 kb
Upload data: apr 20, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.1 ST8A0832F SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.1 ST8A0832F SETIK sheet

Size: 12,914.17 kb
Upload data: apr 29, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.0 ST5A043F SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.0 ST5A043F SETIK sheet

Size: 12,366.67 kb
Upload data: mag 4, 2016
compress Firmware DVR ST6A0831A
See the Firmware DVR ST6A0831A sheet

Size: 10,861.91 kb
Upload data: mag 23, 2016
compress Firmware V.2.1 ST8A1632F SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.1 ST8A1632F SETIK sheet

Size: 12,914.14 kb
Upload data: giu 6, 2016
compress Firmware V1.2 DVR ST8A0832F SETIK
See the Firmware V1.2 DVR ST8A0832F SETIK sheet

Size: 7,288.54 kb
Upload data: giu 30, 2016
compress Firmware SNIP04N-4P-MA SETIK
See the Firmware SNIP04N-4P-MA SETIK sheet

Size: 12,533.99 kb
Upload data: lug 4, 2016
compress Firmware V.1.1 ST5104LT SETIK
See the Firmware V.1.1 ST5104LT SETIK sheet

Size: 7,323.35 kb
Upload data: lug 8, 2016
compress Firmware V.2.0 ST6A082FAE SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.0 ST6A082FAE SETIK sheet

Size: 12,293.91 kb
Upload data: lug 18, 2016
compress Firmware SNIP08N-8P-DA V.4 SETIK
See the Firmware SNIP08N-8P-DA V.4 SETIK sheet

Size: 13,753.19 kb
Upload data: lug 27, 2016
compress Firmware V.1 ST8A322HAE SETIK
See the Firmware V.1 ST8A322HAE SETIK sheet

Size: 14,911.40 kb
Upload data: lug 29, 2016
compress Firmware ST5A083F
See the Firmware ST5A083F sheet

Size: 12,293.89 kb
Upload data: ago 1, 2016
compress ST5A083F V4.02.R11.7601 – 20160528
See the ST5A083F V4.02.R11.7601 – 20160528 sheet

Size: 11,201.99 kb
Upload data: ago 4, 2016
compress Firmware ST8A162FAE v2 20160309
See the Firmware ST8A162FAE v2 20160309 sheet

Size: 14,911.40 kb
Upload data: ago 9, 2016
compress Firmware ST6108H v.2 – 20160421
See the Firmware ST6108H v.2 – 20160421 sheet

Size: 11,828.39 kb
Upload data: ago 10, 2016
compress Firmware ST5A04ECO SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A04ECO SETIK sheet

Size: 11,290.00 kb
Upload data: ago 18, 2016
compress Firmware ST5A08ECO SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A08ECO SETIK sheet

Size: 10,590.00 kb
Upload data: ago 18, 2016
compress Firmware ST5A163H SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A163H SETIK sheet

Size: 11,201.96 kb
Upload data: ago 18, 2016
compress Firmware ST6A0431A SETIK
See the Firmware ST6A0431A SETIK sheet

Size: 11,650.33 kb
Upload data: ago 18, 2016
compress Firmware ST5A43H SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A43H SETIK sheet

Size: 7,175.23 kb
Upload data: ago 19, 2016
compress Firmware V2.0 DVR ST8A0832F SETIK
See the Firmware V2.0 DVR ST8A0832F SETIK sheet

Size: 7,279.33 kb
Upload data: ago 19, 2016
compress Firmware ST8A162FAE-ST8A322HAE SETIK
See the Firmware ST8A162FAE-ST8A322HAE SETIK sheet

Size: 14,907.07 kb
Upload data: ago 29, 2016
compress Firmware ST5A83H V5 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A83H V5 SETIK sheet

Size: 7,113.38 kb
Upload data: set 29, 2016
compress Firmware V4.02.R11.7601 ST5A083F SETIK
See the Firmware V4.02.R11.7601 ST5A083F SETIK sheet

Size: 11,337.46 kb
Upload data: ott 20, 2016
compress Firmware V4.02.R11.3070 ST6A082FAE SETIK
See the Firmware V4.02.R11.3070 ST6A082FAE SETIK sheet

Size: 12,297.48 kb
Upload data: ott 21, 2016
compress Firmware ST6A0831A SETIK
See the Firmware ST6A0831A SETIK sheet

Size: 10,967.68 kb
Upload data: nov 3, 2016
compress Firmware ST5N814 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5N814 SETIK sheet

Size: 7,065.68 kb
Upload data: nov 18, 2016

Size: 7,134.25 kb
Upload data: dic 12, 2016
compress Firmware ST5104LT_V4.02_iK
See the Firmware ST5104LT_V4.02_iK sheet

Size: 7,175.33 kb
Upload data: gen 18, 2017
compress Firmware ST6A0831A_V4.02_20160914 iK
See the Firmware ST6A0831A_V4.02_20160914 iK sheet

Size: 10,966.02 kb
Upload data: gen 20, 2017
compress Firmware ST5A83H V4.02 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A83H V4.02 SETIK sheet

Size: 12,387.55 kb
Upload data: feb 7, 2017
compress Firmware ST5A04ECO V2 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A04ECO V2 SETIK sheet

Size: 10,540.00 kb
Upload data: feb 8, 2017
compress Firmware ST6A0831A V4.02 SETIK 20170116
See the Firmware ST6A0831A V4.02 SETIK 20170116 sheet

Size: 11,322.48 kb
Upload data: feb 8, 2017
compress Firmware ST8A1632F V4.02 SETIK 20160628
See the Firmware ST8A1632F V4.02 SETIK 20160628 sheet

Size: 12,294.03 kb
Upload data: feb 14, 2017
compress Firmware ST-4KITIP960W V4.02 NVR
See the Firmware ST-4KITIP960W V4.02 NVR sheet

Size: 7,174.69 kb
Upload data: mar 29, 2017
compress Firmware ST5X161H SETIK
See the Firmware ST5X161H SETIK sheet

Size: 0.00 kb
Upload data: apr 11, 2017
compress Firmware SNIP04N-4P-MA V.4.1 SETIK
See the Firmware SNIP04N-4P-MA V.4.1 SETIK sheet

Size: 13,530.74 kb
Upload data: mag 3, 2017
compress Firmware ST5X0814 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5X0814 SETIK sheet

Size: 11,517.14 kb
Upload data: mag 11, 2017
compress Firmware ST5N0415 v4.02 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5N0415 v4.02 SETIK sheet

Size: 18,376.31 kb
Upload data: mag 17, 2017
compress irmware ST5X161H V242.01.075.T001 20161111
See the irmware ST5X161H V242.01.075.T001 20161111 sheet

Size: 11,438.47 kb
Upload data: mag 22, 2017
compress Firmware ST6204H 20131209 Setik
See the Firmware ST6204H 20131209 Setik sheet

Size: 12,979.76 kb
Upload data: mag 22, 2017
compress Firmware ST5X0414 V24201079.T000 20170220 Setik
See the Firmware ST5X0414 V24201079.T000 20170220 Setik sheet

Size: 11,522.08 kb
Upload data: giu 5, 2017
compress Firmware ST5X1614 V24201081 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5X1614 V24201081 SETIK sheet

Size: 11,670.04 kb
Upload data: giu 28, 2017
compress Firmware ST5A04ECO 20170505 SETIK
See the Firmware ST5A04ECO 20170505 SETIK sheet

Size: 11,022.56 kb
Upload data: lug 24, 2017
compress Firmware st5a083f V4.02.R11.7601.Nat.OnvifC.20170420
See the Firmware st5a083f V4.02.R11.7601.Nat.OnvifC.20170420 sheet

Size: 11,538.07 kb
Upload data: ago 7, 2017
compress Firmware DVR1116HC Setik
See the Firmware DVR1116HC Setik sheet

Size: 13,552.84 kb
Upload data: set 20, 2017
compress Firmware ST6A0431A V4.02 SETIK
See the Firmware ST6A0431A V4.02 SETIK sheet

Size: 11,997.70 kb
Upload data: set 21, 2017
compress Firmware ST5N0414 SETIK V4.02
See the Firmware ST5N0414 SETIK V4.02 sheet

Size: 7,209.93 kb
Upload data: ott 9, 2017
compress FIRMWARE ST5A43H V4.02.R11 20170710
See the FIRMWARE ST5A43H V4.02.R11 20170710 sheet

Size: 7,017.38 kb
Upload data: ott 30, 2017
compress Firmware ST5N0814 V4.02
See the Firmware ST5N0814 V4.02 sheet

Size: 7,212.33 kb
Upload data: ott 31, 2017
compress Firmware ST6A082FAE V4.02.R11.7601
See the Firmware ST6A082FAE V4.02.R11.7601 sheet

Size: 11,611.53 kb
Upload data: ott 31, 2017
compress Firmware ST5N0414 V4.02
See the Firmware ST5N0414 V4.02 sheet

Size: 7,289.51 kb
Upload data: nov 3, 2017
compress Firmware ST5X161H SETIK V24201075
See the Firmware ST5X161H SETIK V24201075 sheet

Size: 11,687.01 kb
Upload data: nov 14, 2017
compress Firmware ST5A163H SETIK 21/02/2017
See the Firmware ST5A163H SETIK 21/02/2017 sheet

Size: 12,410.00 kb
Upload data: nov 21, 2017
compress FIRMWARE ST5X081H V24201060.T001.20170726
See the FIRMWARE ST5X081H V24201060.T001.20170726 sheet

Size: 11,691.04 kb
Upload data: mar 12, 2018
compress Firmware ST5N0815 V4.02
See the Firmware ST5N0815 V4.02 sheet

Size: 18,815.11 kb
Upload data: mag 17, 2018
compress Firmware ST7X1625 V4.02
See the Firmware ST7X1625 V4.02 sheet

Size: 12,060.79 kb
Upload data: mag 22, 2018
compress FIRMWARE ST8A1632F V4.02.R11.7601 20171206
See the FIRMWARE ST8A1632F V4.02.R11.7601 20171206 sheet

Size: 11,874.84 kb
Upload data: ott 25, 2018
compress Firmware ST5N1615 V4.03
See the Firmware ST5N1615 V4.03 sheet

Size: 13,621.06 kb
Upload data: dic 11, 2018
compress Firmware ST7X0425 V4.02
See the Firmware ST7X0425 V4.02 sheet

Size: 11,841.13 kb
Upload data: giu 19, 2019
compress Firmware ST5X0815 V4.03
See the Firmware ST5X0815 V4.03 sheet

Size: 12,528.66 kb
Upload data: lug 4, 2019
Cameras IP Setik
compress Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK
See the Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK sheet

Size: 26,621.37 kb
Upload data: mar 16, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.001 XXIP20-36IRLT SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.001 XXIP20-36IRLT SETIK sheet

Size: 6,774.85 kb
Upload data: giu 18, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.001 XXIP10-36IRLT SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.001 XXIP10-36IRLT SETIK sheet

Size: 7,002.90 kb
Upload data: mag 26, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.101 XXIP10-36IRLT SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.101 XXIP10-36IRLT SETIK sheet

Size: 7,013.30 kb
Upload data: mag 26, 2015
compress Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK
See the Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK sheet

Size: 29,244.73 kb
Upload data: giu 12, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.101 XXIP20-36IRLT SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.101 XXIP20-36IRLT SETIK sheet

Size: 6,790.40 kb
Upload data: giu 18, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.001 BLIP10-36IRLTW SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.001 BLIP10-36IRLTW SETIK sheet

Size: 0.00 kb
Upload data: giu 18, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.101 BLIP10-36IRLTW SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.101 BLIP10-36IRLTW SETIK sheet

Size: 9,280.87 kb
Upload data: giu 18, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.001 BLIP20-36IRLTW SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.001 BLIP20-36IRLTW SETIK sheet

Size: 9,453.64 kb
Upload data: giu 18, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.101 BLIP20-36IRLTW SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.101 BLIP20-36IRLTW SETIK sheet

Size: 9,197.74 kb
Upload data: giu 18, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.201 XXIP10-36IRLT SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.201 XXIP10-36IRLT SETIK sheet

Size: 6,622.69 kb
Upload data: ago 26, 2015
compress Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK
See the Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK sheet

Size: 24,706.71 kb
Upload data: set 22, 2015
compress Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK
See the Firmware V. IP-PRO SETIK sheet

Size: 25,620.59 kb
Upload data: ott 15, 2015
compress Firmware v1.1 BLIP30-2812IRZWP
See the Firmware v1.1 BLIP30-2812IRZWP sheet

Size: 24,705.99 kb
Upload data: nov 3, 2015
compress Firmware V.2.2 BLIP10-36IRLTW SETIK
See the Firmware V.2.2 BLIP10-36IRLTW SETIK sheet

Size: 9,277.99 kb
Upload data: gen 11, 2016
compress Firmware V IP-PRO SETIK
See the Firmware V IP-PRO SETIK sheet

Size: 29,069.69 kb
Upload data: mar 16, 2016
compress Firmware V1.2.1.39B16040114 IP-PRO SETIK
See the Firmware V1.2.1.39B16040114 IP-PRO SETIK sheet

Size: 29,221.62 kb
Upload data: apr 21, 2016
compress Firmware BLIP10-36IRLTW 20160121
See the Firmware BLIP10-36IRLTW 20160121 sheet

Size: 9,548.14 kb
Upload data: mag 13, 2016
compress General Device Manager for HDIP2MPX36W
See the General Device Manager for HDIP2MPX36W sheet

Size: 5,027.83 kb
Upload data: lug 28, 2016
compress Firmware BLIP10-36IRLT V1.2.1.49B16071809
See the Firmware BLIP10-36IRLT V1.2.1.49B16071809 sheet

Size: 29,155.50 kb
Upload data: ago 3, 2016
compress Firmware DMIP/BLIP – IK PRO V1.2.1.49B16071809
See the Firmware DMIP/BLIP – IK PRO V1.2.1.49B16071809 sheet

Size: 29,155.50 kb
Upload data: ago 3, 2016
compress Firmware BLIP10-36IRLT v2 20160615
See the Firmware BLIP10-36IRLT v2 20160615 sheet

Size: 6,739.99 kb
Upload data: ago 5, 2016
compress Firmware IP PRO H264 SETIK
See the Firmware IP PRO H264 SETIK sheet

Size: 29,171.38 kb
Upload data: ott 10, 2016
compress Firmware IP PRO H265 SETIK
See the Firmware IP PRO H265 SETIK sheet

Size: 26,959.10 kb
Upload data: ott 10, 2016
compress Firmware BLIP20-36IRLT SETIK
See the Firmware BLIP20-36IRLT SETIK sheet

Size: 6,789.18 kb
Upload data: ott 10, 2016
compress Firmware PTZIP4M10XIR SETIK
See the Firmware PTZIP4M10XIR SETIK sheet

Size: 11,233.02 kb
Upload data: ott 11, 2016
compress Firmware BLIP40-36IRLT V4.02 SETIK 20170110
See the Firmware BLIP40-36IRLT V4.02 SETIK 20170110 sheet

Size: 9,729.29 kb
Upload data: feb 10, 2017
compress Firmware BLIP20-36IRLTW V3.0 SETIK
See the Firmware BLIP20-36IRLTW V3.0 SETIK sheet

Size: 8,738.11 kb
Upload data: feb 14, 2017
compress Firmware BLIP20-2812STAR V4.02 SETIK 20160511
See the Firmware BLIP20-2812STAR V4.02 SETIK 20160511 sheet

Size: 6,769.61 kb
Upload data: feb 14, 2017
compress Firmware BLIP40-2812IRLT SETIK
See the Firmware BLIP40-2812IRLT SETIK sheet

Size: 9,729.40 kb
Upload data: feb 20, 2017
compress Firmware BLIP20-2812STAR SETIK
See the Firmware BLIP20-2812STAR SETIK sheet

Size: 18,856.79 kb
Upload data: feb 28, 2017
compress Firmware DMIP20-2812IRLT – IK LITE V4.02
See the Firmware DMIP20-2812IRLT – IK LITE V4.02 sheet

Size: 6,819.96 kb
Upload data: mar 6, 2017
compress Firmware IP PRO H264 SETIK V.2
See the Firmware IP PRO H264 SETIK V.2 sheet

Size: 29,281.50 kb
Upload data: mar 17, 2017
compress Firmware ST-4KITIP960W V4.02 TLC
See the Firmware ST-4KITIP960W V4.02 TLC sheet

Size: 7,034.62 kb
Upload data: mar 29, 2017
compress Firmware HDIP2MPX36SW SETIK
See the Firmware HDIP2MPX36SW SETIK sheet

Size: 9,375.94 kb
Upload data: lug 17, 2017
compress FIRMWARE HDIP1MPX V4.02.R11.20150114_ALL
See the FIRMWARE HDIP1MPX V4.02.R11.20150114_ALL sheet

Size: 6,534.73 kb
Upload data: set 18, 2017
compress Firmware IP PROMO Setik
See the Firmware IP PROMO Setik sheet

Size: 6,446.57 kb
Upload data: set 20, 2017
compress Firmware BLIP20-2812STAR SETIK
See the Firmware BLIP20-2812STAR SETIK sheet

Size: 9,580.20 kb
Upload data: ott 23, 2017
compress Firmware PTZIP2M20XAT Setik
See the Firmware PTZIP2M20XAT Setik sheet

Size: 5,482.56 kb
Upload data: nov 6, 2017
compress FIRMWARE IP PROMO V4.02.R12 20180127
See the FIRMWARE IP PROMO V4.02.R12 20180127 sheet

Size: 6,496.37 kb
Upload data: mag 11, 2018
compress Firmware HDIP2MPX36SW VER 7.1.48 SETIK
See the Firmware HDIP2MPX36SW VER 7.1.48 SETIK sheet

Size: 23,605.62 kb
Upload data: lug 5, 2018
compress Firmware BLIP – IRLT 20170720
See the Firmware BLIP – IRLT 20170720 sheet

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Upload data: lug 20, 2018

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