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How to Update Firmware on UNV Recorder

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UNV Recorder || How to Update Firmware on Recorder || Local GUI


Log into the system by entering the username and password UNV Recorder. Default credentials are admin for the username and 123456 for the password.

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After logging in, move the mouse to the lower left hand corner of the screen and select the home icon. You may receive the login screen after selecting the menu option, but will be taken to the main menu page once logged in. On the main menu, select Maintain.

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On the Maintain menu, please select the Upgrade tab.

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On the initial Upgrade page, you will be able to locally upgrade the firmware if the file is on hand with a USB drive. If those resources are unavailable, please click the Upgrade by Cloud tab.

On the Upgrade by Cloud page, you will be able to check and see if there are any updates that are available through the internet. After checking and confirming that there is an update, select the Upgrade button after it becomes available. Please note that the cloud function will only work if the NVR is connected to the internet.

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How to Update Firmware on Recorder || Web GUI


To access the web client, please use a Windows based PC and use Internet Explorer as the web browser.

Access the recorder’s web interface by typing in the IP address on the address bar of Internet Explorer. The path should look like the following: “” (Note: If the HTTP port has been changed from default, you will need to add the port number after the ip address by inserting a colon “:” in between the address and port number).


Install all requested web plugins that are prompted by Internet Explorer. Once installed, you may need to refresh, or restart the web browser. You may install the plugin by selecting “Run”. In some instances, you may need to close the web browser to complete the installation. After installation completes, please re-open Internet Explorer.

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After logging in, select the “Setup” option.

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After selecting Setup, select Maintenance

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After selecting Maintenance, select the Maintenance sub-menu.


On the Maintenance page, there are two options to do a firmware upgrade: If the system is online, the easiest way to upgrade would be via the cloud option. If the system is not online, please receive the firmware from a technician and upload the file to the NVR via PC and upgrade accordingly.

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Older NVR Firmware Setup (Web GUI)


Firmware Version NVR-B5301.29.52.210512
Build Date 05-12-2021

Camera setup


Click on System


Click on Photo Server


Enter NVR IP address (make sure the IP addresses are on the same subnet)


Leave Default settings

Assign ID number using 20 digits. digits 11-13 must be 119. (XXXXXXXXXX119XXXXXXX)

Enter the username and password of the NVR


Once the Photo Server settings & NVR settings have been correctly setup. Photo Server 1 status will turn green.


NVR Setup


Click on Platform


Click on Video & Image Database

Make sure Video & Image Database server is disabled

Click on the Video & Image Database Local Config


Leave default local ID settings. Change the local port to 5073

Click on Video Checkpoint


Click on Add


Select Channel Number

Input the Device ID of the Camera

Input any number characters recommend (100 and 90)

Input any Six digits recommend (111111)

Select any option listed recommend (international and Security Checkpoint)

Enter the amount of Lanes the camera is covering


Once Configured correctly status under checkpoint will be online.


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