*Check Original Page: View Wireless Camera System on Computer in IE

You can look at the camera on your computer or laptop, or find it remotely and view it in IE.
step 1. Open IE browser on your computer or laptop and go to “www.dvr163.com”. (If you have IE browser, please download it first)


Step two. First select [English], then [Username Login] → Enter your username and password → Click [Login]. If this is your first time, please click “New Account” to apply your account.

Tip: If you have an account on your mobile APP, you can use the same account for login.


Step three. Enter the following information and click Add to add the camera system.
Cloud ID: Enter your cloud ID (located in the NVR’s network settings or in the bottom right corner of the screen).
Device Set Name: Name it yourself.
Device Username: This is the default username for her NVR system and should be admin if you haven’t changed it.
Device Password: This is the default password of the NVR system and should be blank if you haven’t changed it. If you have changed your password, enter the password you set.

Tip: If your APP account has already added the camera system, please ignore step 3 and follow step 4 directly.


Step 4. Click Live Online, then click Install Update Management. Please select English when installing the plugin file.


Step 5. Once the plugin has finished installing, you can view your video now by clicking Camera List.