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HI SHARP Devices Firmware Software Download

HI SHARP Devices Firmware Software Download

HI SHARP ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD has been established more than 30 years. We have creative thinking to follow the market trend. Also we integrated techniques and we named us Hi Sharp as High Sharpness. Hi Sharp is a Taiwan brand and we produced varies high quality surveillance products. Since 2010, we awarded Top Security 50 for 12 years.

We treat our customers with faith, sincerity, patience and perseverance. We concentrate on intelligence surveillance system and car carrier image system for many years. We are creating new products and upgrade our techniques to create high quality products for customers. In order to satisfy variety needs we offer technique support just in time. We manage our manufacturer as a service industry. We are selling not only products but also to build up a sustainable relationship to our clients.

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General FAQ
I forget my DVR/NVR password, how do I reset again my password ?

Go to “forget password”, go to “retrieve password” and click “dynamic code” page.

Screenshot the dynamic code page to share with your regional distributor or the seller you purchased.

Or please contact sales@hisharp.com.tw to specify your region & model number & serial number.

How do I calculate the recording HDD capacity on my recorder ?

Please download from Hi Sharp Software Video Storage calculator.

HI SHARP Devices Firmware Software Download

HI SHARP Devices Firmware Software Download
HI SHARP Devices Firmware Software Download
I need to reinstall my computer system, how can I preserve my NVMS 2.0 settings ?

Please check our user manual NVMS 2.1.1

12.2 Backup and Restore Configuration,
Go to Home, Operation and Maintenance Management. Click “Backup and Restore Configuration” to go to the following interface.

You can import the former system configuration files to the new version. Click “Backup System Configuration” in the last version to backup the system configuration files. Then click “Restore System Configuration” in the new version to restore the system configuration.

My IPCs support ONVIF settings, but why HS’s NVR can’t work properly with them ?

ONVIF have a lot of version. Please confirm which version of ONVIF is on your IPCs.

What’s Hi Sharp product App ?

IOS: Hi Sharp EX or Superlive Plus.

Andriod: Hi Sharp or Superlive Plus.

What’s the syntax of recorder of Hi Sharp ?


How to connect the N4 & KD series IPC ?
  1. Please make sure the IP camera & PC are connect to Lan.
  2. Download the IP finder software & install in your PC.
  3. Execute IP finder software to add the IP camera & key in the default user name “Admin”, Password “Admin”.
DVR backup issue (record missing)
  1. Check the HDD capacity full & make sure the setting for loop recording.
  2. HDD failure.
  3. DVR memory battery dead.
  4. Main board failure.

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