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Checking and Updating Firmware on X-SECURITY Recorders

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In this guide we are going to indicate the necessary steps to check and update the firmware in the X-SECURITY recorders, both in the firmware version V3.2.

For this update we will use the Internet Explorer and we must install the plugins of the recorder to the web browser.


Access the recorder and then go to INFO


First we have to check the model of the recorder and the firmware version that is currently installed.


Then we go to the Visiotech website and look for the recorder, in this case the XS-XVR6104, click on Downloads and then apply the FIRMWARE filter.

Our recorder currently has the firmware System Version: 3.210.0001.3Build Date: 12-12-2016 and the Visiotech web version is System Version: 3.218.0000002.5. Therefore we proceed to download the firmware:


The download file is a .zip file, so let’s unpack it. The file we are interested in for the update via web is the .bin file.


Then go back to the recorder, press CONFIG / SYSTEM / UPGRADE and then look for the file you have downloaded by pressing Browse.


Once the file is selected, we proceed to finish the update by pressing UPGRADE.

To update the firmware of an X-SECURITY recorder with Firmware version V4.0.X or higher, the procedure will be the same, however, it changes a little the interface of the recorder.

For this procedure we will also use Internet Explorer as a browser to access the device and perform the update.


After accessing the recorder the first thing to do is to check the firmware version, press Management on the upper left side.


Then we choose INFO.


We see that the recorder is the XS-XVR6208-4KL-HEVC and the firmware version is System Version: V4.000.0000001.13, Build Date: 2019-01-24.


We download the most recent version from the Visiotech website and proceed to update.




Press Browse and look for the file that has been downloaded from the Visiotech website.

Remember that the file is a .zip file and you will have to unzip the files contained in it; the update file we are interested in for this procedure is the .bin file.


Once updated, we can check again the version to have the confirmation that it was successfully updated.


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