How to reset the password to your Gamut recorder

This article will show you find the necessary information you need to send us so that we can help to for your Gamut .

First, turn the recorder on and move your mouse to the bottom of the live view screen. A blue bar will appear at the bottom; click on the ‘i' symbol that I have marked in red in the screenshot below.


This will open up a page of information about the recorder including the .


You will need to send the MAC address and the date and time on the recorder, even if the time/date on the recorder is not actually correct.

This is very important, because we will generate a temporary for you which is created based on the unique MAC address of the and the time and date on it. If the date and time are accurate, just say that, or if you know it is five hours behind but the date is correct for example, just mention that when you email in and that should be sufficient.

Otherwise, just send in a picture clearly showing the MAC address and date/time on the device and say exactly when the picture was taken.

Get in contact here, set the support status as ‘Password reset' and the email subject as ‘Gamut password reset'. You will also need to send your original order/invoice number and the original delivery postcode to confirm your identity.

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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