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How to upgrade SF-HANDHELD firmware

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How to upgrade SF-HANDHELD-160T05’s firmware

SF-HANDHELD Insert the SD card in the device’s slot (it must contain the installation file only).

– With the device turned on, press the left direction button “<” and the right direction button “>” at the same time.


– A menu will appear in which we’ll have to click on the option “App”.


– Another menu will appear where we will be asked to reboot the device.


How to upgrade SF-HANDHELD-160T05-E’s firmware

– Insert the SD card with the installation file only.

– With the device turned off, press the trigger, the “SET” button and the “ON” button at the same time.


– An update progress screen will appear. After the process is successfully completed, the device will be able to be turned on again.


Failure to connect SF-HANDHELD-160T05 via USB to PC

If, while trying to connect the camera to the PC by USB, we get a feedback showing a “failed to connect” message, the first thing to check is that the USB port of the computer is not a 3.0 one, since the device does not support this type of USB version.

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