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ACESEE FAQ Software Firmware Download

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Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

How to order?

Step 1: Please confirm the model and quantities that you would like to purchase by contacting our sales colleague, or email to
Step 2: We will send you a PI (Proforma Invoice) once we get your PO (purchasing order), and will help you calculate the best freight charge by courier, by air or by sea if required. We also support your shipping agent.
Step 3: After you send us the payment, please provide the bank copy if possible, so that we can start to arrange production as soon as possible.
Step 4: Once the goods are shipped out, we will let you know the tracking number as soon as possible.


Scan QR code with your phone to download ACESEE HOME APP


When will make delivery?

-Sample Order: 2-5 days after receipt of the full payment.
-OEM Order: 7-10 days after receipt of the full payment.

How to download the APP?

Search for “ACESEE” in the Apple Store or Google Play and download it.

What should I do if the device cannot establish connection on the APP?

Method 1: Please press the reset button for 5 seconds to restore the camera to factory Settings and establish connection again.
Method 2: Please confirm that the Wifi you choose is 2.4GHz Wifi. The device, like most cameras on the market, does not support 5GHz Wifi.
Method 3: Please make sure that your WiFi signal is good and the distance between cameras is not too far.
Method 4: Please make sure your WiFi password is not too complicated. If the WiFi password contains too many special symbols, the camera may not be able to recognize the password then the WiFi will not be connected.
Method 5: Please make sure that your WiFi password is entered correctly.

What should I do if you cannot receive the email with the verification code?

Method 1: Please check whether the mail has been sent to the trash bin of your mailbox.
Method 2: Please check whether the mail is rejected.
Method 3: Please try to change a registered email address.
Method 4: If you have been unable to receive the email with the verification code, please register with your mobile number, or contact the Acesee after-sales team by email.

What should I do if I forget my password and cannot share the device?

Please restore factory Settings first, then reconnect the device, and reset the device password.

What should I do if I want to use the preset and movement tracking features of the camera?

If you want to use the preset and movement tracking features, please contact our after-sales service team and we will send you the installation software and installation instructions.

Does Acesee product support 5 GHz Wi-Fi?

Most products are configured to support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network mode.

Why my device/camera goes offline frequently?

If your camera often drop offline, you need to check whether the WiFi of the router is unstable, or the camera is far away from the WiFi and the signal is weak, which causes the drop offline.

How to make my devices update firmware automatically?

The button for the updated version is in the APP device Settings. If there is a new version, there will be an update reminder, but it will not update automatically.

What to do if alarm notification is not pushed in APP?

Please check whether the APP has turned on the alarm push function, and check the notification Settings of the phone to see if the APP push function has been turned off.

Which models support ONVIF protocol, and which models do not support?

All model support ONVIF, except for AC21 and AC90. ONVIF can be opened using CESHI file or RTSPTOOL tool.

Which shell support UV protection?

AC04 supports UV protection.

I turned on the alarm push in the APP, so the device of account A will receive the alarm push information, and then use account B to add the device, and then account B will also receive the previous alarm push information. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal; users who add devices can receive the alarm push message.

What functions does the device support in the ODM tool? Does it support audio?

ONVIF only does video streaming and head control functions.

Is it possible to purchase only the camera part of AC90 without purchasing the solar panel and battery part?

The solar panels cannot be sold separately. They are sold as a unit, and the batteries can be bought locally.

The playback interface in ACESEE windows client shows the date displayed in Chinese?

We will optimize this issue at the next update.

Does the 4G module of AC90 support Jawal Wstaneys?

The 4G module is currently only available in China and supports B1/3/5/8/38/39/40/41, 8 bands. However, there is no corresponding overseas certification. Please check if there is any local requirement. If there is no requirement, it is generally no problem. For the 4G module, it is recommended to test the sample first before place batch orders.

How does the ACESSE APP show that the cloud service supports PAYPAL payment?

Only overseas accounts can be paid by PayPal, which is determined by account registration. APP accounts registered in simplified Chinese language that is domestic mainland accounts, while those registered in non-simplified Chinese language that is overseas accounts.

When ONVIF is turned on via rtsptool, the tool shows close to 3MP. What is the problem?

This may be because the device turned on the difference value and the software should get the resolution of the code stream, it can use the CESHI file to recover.

After the installation, the customer connects to APP for testing, and there will be a particularly loud and harsh noise. What’s the problem? How to avoid it?

IOS APP is very stable, which is unusual. The Android APP has been optimized for noise, and you can download the latest version on Google Play. When testing audio, do not test next to the device. This will create loops and make a lot of noise. It is suggested that one person talk next to the device and the other person can test with the APP in the distance.

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