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“Network surveillance camera is not safe” has recently seen a lot of reports about hacking of webcams from the news media, and the usual reason is that users do not need to change the password after installing the network camera, other users can log in to the camera to watch with the original account Surveillance video, this is not usually called hacking. Therefore, all security product manufacturers began to upgrade the monitoring system, requiring customers to change the password before use, and it is a very complicated password. Often, users often forget the password. One of the reasons is that many security monitoring systems are not installed by users themselves. It is left to the installation by the engineering company. The main reason is to forget the password.

If it is not very necessary (if there is no need to view the video if something happens), after installing the monitoring system, users will usually not use the password to log in to the system, so it is very easy to forget the password. Not long ago, I wrote an article in English titled “How to reset the DVR password?”, Which became the article with the highest click-through rate, so it is very common to forget the password of DVR products a few years ago.

How to reset DVR password?

The DVR management password can be reset, but you need to log in to the system menu to change the password after entering the menu. Many users think that removing the CMOS button battery on the DVR / NVR can reset the DVR / NVR recorder, so that you can log in with the original password. However, this method only resets the system time and date, and cannot reset the password. Depending on the scheme or brand of your DVR / NVR, the method of password reset for different brands of DVR / NVR is different.


DVR motherboard
DVR motherboard


Use Telnet to enter the system

Usually the old DVR / NVR has a back door, users can connect to the system through Telnet and reset the password. Hackers usually use this method to obtain DVR / NVR management rights. Fixing this problem is as simple as upgrading the firmware of the product, but the old product usually has no new firmware. If the company fails or fails, the manufacturer is unwilling to firmware the old product. Update.

  • Dahua DVR Telenet login account; Port number: 23 User: root Password: vizxv
  • Hikvision Telnet account; port number: 23 username: admin password: 12345
  • Xiongmai Telnet account; port number: 9527 username: admin password: xc3511

Use Super Password Calculator

For ordinary users, using Telnet connection to reset or modify the DVR / NVR password is a bit complicated, because it is very easy to forget the password. In order to solve this problem, the manufacturer of the product will provide a super password calculator or super password generation A tool such as a device, users can use this tool to generate a temporary super password to log in, and the password is valid for one day or one hour.


Super Password Calculator Tool
Super Password Calculator Tool

Connect the DVR / NVR to the monitor and turn it on, run the downloaded super password generator on your computer, enter or select the system time and date displayed on the DVR / NVR, and click “OK” to generate a temporary password. The super password can only be generated after the user enters the product code and date and time.

Download Dahua DVR Super Password Calculator: applies to Dahua DVR recorder products

DVR Super Password Calculator 1 download: is suitable for AHD DVR, 3-in-1 DVR, 960H DVR and other products from 2012 to the present

DVR Super Password Calculator 2 download: is suitable for DVR products produced before 2012, supporting CIF or D1 resolution

DVR Super Password Calculator 3 download: is suitable for HiSilicon Hi3511. Hi3515 DVR products

IPC / NVR reset tool download: is suitable for HiSilicon Hi3520A, Hi3531, Hi3535 NVR products

Because we do not know your DVR brand, and many DVR / NVR products are OEM, so we can not tell you which password generated by the super password calculator can be used on your DVR. It is recommended that users try each one.


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