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Anviz Device How to Firmware Update

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Anviz Device How to Firmware Update, How to Update Anviz Device, As the industry leader in professional and converged intelligent security solutions for nearly 20 years, Anviz is dedicated to optimizing people, things, and space management, securing worldwide Small & Medium Businesses and enterprise organizations’ workplaces, and simplifying their management.

Today, Anviz aims to deliver simple and integrated solutions including cloud and AIOT-based smart access control & time attendance and video surveillance solution, for a smarter and safer world.

Part 1. Firmware Update Via Web Server

1) Normal Update

>> Step 1: Connect Anviz device to PC via TCP/ IP or Wi-Fi. (How to connect to CrossChex)

>> Step 2: Run a browser (Google Chrome is recommended). In this example, the device is set in the server mode and IP address as 

Anviz device to PC via TCP/ IP or Wi-Fi


Google Chrome is recommended

>> Step 3. Enter (Your device might be different, check the device IP and enter IP address) in the browser address bar to run as the webserver mode. 

>> Step 4. Then enter your user account, and password. (default User: admin, Password: 12345)

web server

>> Step 5. Choose ‘Advance Setting’

Choose Advance Setting

>> Step 6: Click ‘Firmware Upgrade’, choose a firmware file that you want to update and then click ‘Upgrade’. Wait for the updating complete.

Click Firmware Upgrade

>> Step 7. Update Complete. 

Update Complete

>> Step 8. Check the firmware version. (You can check current version either on webserver info page or on the device info page)

How to Update Anviz Device

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2) Forced Update

>> Step 1. Follow the steps above till steps 4, and enter or in the browser.

Follow the steps above till steps 4

>> Step 2. Forced Firmware Upgrade mode is set successfully.

Forced Firmware Upgrade mode is set successfully

>> Step 3. Operate Step 5 – Step 6 to finish the forced firmware updates.


Part 2: How To Update Firmware Via CrossChex

>> Step 1: Connect the Anviz device to the CrossChex.

>> Step 2: Run the CrossChex and click the ‘Device’ menu on the top. You will be able to see a small blue icon if the device has connected to the CrossChex successfully.
Run the CrossChex and click the Device

>> Step 3. Right-click the blue icon, and then click the ‘Update Firmware’.

Right-click the blue icon

>> Step 4. Choose the firmware that you want to update.

Choose the firmware that you want to update

>> Step 5. Firmware update process.

Firmware update process

>> Step 6. Firmware Update Complete.

Firmware Update Complete

>> Step 7. Click the ‘Device’ -> Right-Click the blue icon -> ‘Device Information’ to check the firmware version.

Click the Device

Part 3: How To Update The Anviz Device Via Flash Drive.


1) Normal update mode

Recommended Flash Drive Requirement:

     1. Empty Flash Drive, or place firmware files in the Flash Drive root path. 

     2. FAT file system (Right-click USB Drive and click ‘Properties’ to check the Flash Drive file system.)

     3. Memory Size under 8GB. 


Memory Size under 8GB

>> Step 1: Plug a flash drive (with an update firmware file) into the Anviz Device.

FAT file system (Right-click USB Drive
You will see a small Flash Drive icon on the device screen.

>> Step 2. Login with Admin mode to the device -> and then ‘Setting’

Login with Admin mode to the device

>> Step 3. Click ‘Update’ -> then ‘OK’.

It will ask you to restart

>> Step 4. It will ask you to restart, press ‘Yes(OK)’ to restart once to complete the update.

to restart once to complete the update

>> Done  


2) Force update mode


(****** Sometimes devices are not allowed to be updated, this is because of device protection policy. You can use force update mode when this situation occurs.   *****)

>> Step 1. Follow the Flash Drive Update from step 1 – 2.

>> Step 2. Click ‘Update’ to get into the page like showing in the below. 

to get into the page like showing in the below

>> Step 3. Press ‘IN12345OUT’ in the keypad, then the device will change to forced upgrade mode.
the device will change to forced upgrade mode

>> Step 4. Click ‘OK’, and the device will restart once to complete the update.
the device will restart once to complete the update

>> Step 5. Update Complete.

Summary for Anviz Product’s Firmware

For convenience we made this topic listing all firmware of Anviz access control & time attendance device. You can upgrade your device as necessary.

If you don’t know how to upgrade the firmware, please refer to the upgrade guidances below:


Click to Check Upgrade Guidance Suits ST Platform Device 1.0 bin

ST Platform devices:
T5, T5 Pro, T5 S

M5, M5 Pro

P7, M7

VF30, VP30, VF20




Get Firmware for ST device

 GC Series
Latest Firmware for GC100 130
Latest Firmware for GC150 130

 T5 Series
Latest Firmware for T5 417
Latest Firmware for T5 Pro 417
Latest Firmware for T5 S 417

 M5 Series
Latest Firmware for M5 417
Latest Firmware for M5 Pro 417

 V Series
Latest Firmware for VF30 1.1 bin
Latest Firmware for VP30 1.1 bin
Latest Firmware for VF20 1.1 bin

Latest Firmware for P7 1.1 bin
Latest Firmware for M7 1.1 bin
Latest Firmware for D200 1.1 bin
Latest Firmware for EP300 1.1 bin
Latest Firmware for A300 1.1 bin


Click to Check Upgrade Guidance Suits Linux Platform Device 593

Linux Platform devices:
A350, A350C, A380

C2 Pro, C2 KA, 
C2 Slim
EP30, EP300 Pro

FaceDeep5 Series

FacePass7 Pro
M5 PlusM3 Pro

VF30 Pro
W1 Pro, W2 Pro

Click to Submit a ticket 467
If you need to upgrade firmware for above device types, please submit a ticket with the serial number, current firmware and kernel version. We’ll send you the correct firmware and help with the upgrading.

If you have any concerns or questions, please submit a ticket 183 and our technical support team will help .


Reset/Cancel The Admin Permission Guide(Linux Platform)

Part 1: CrossChex Connection Guide

Step 1: Connection via the TCP/IP model.  Run the CrossChex, and click the ‘Add’ button, then the ‘Search’ button. All available devices will be listed below. Choose the device that you want to connect to the CrossChex and press the ‘Add’ button.
Connection via the TCP/IP model

Step 2: Test if the device is connected to the CrossChex.

Click the ‘Synchronize time’ to test and make sure the device and CrossChex are connected successfully.
connected to the CrossChex

2) Two methods to clear the administrator’s permission.

Step 3.1.1
Select user/s that you want to cancel administrator permission, and double click the user, then change ‘administrator’ (the administrator will display in red font) to ‘Normal user’.

CrossChex -> User -> Select one user -> change Administrator -> Normal user

cancel administrator permission

Choose ‘Normal user’, then click the ‘Save’ button. It will remove the user’s admin permission and set it as a normal user.  set it as a normal user

Step 3.1.2

Click ‘Set Privilege’, and choose the group, then click the ‘OK’ button.
choose the group

Back up the users and records

Step 3.2.1: Back up the users and records. 

Back up the users and records

Initialize the Anviz Device

Step 3.2.2: Initialize the Anviz Device (********Warning! All Data Will Be Removed! **********)

Click ‘Device Parameter’ then ‘Initialize the device, and click ‘OK’
Initialize the device

Part 2: Reset Aniviz devices admin password

Situation 1: Anviz device is connected to the CrossChex but the admin password is forgotten. 

CrossChex -> Device -> Device Parameter -> Management password -> OK
Management password

Situation 2: The device’s communication & admin password are unknown

Input ‘000015’ and press ‘OK’. A few random numbers will pop up on the screen. For security reasons, please send those numbers and the device serial number to the Anviz support team ( We will provide technical support after receiving the numbers. (Please DO NOT turn off or restart the device before we provide technical support.)

security reasons

Situation 3: The keypad is locked, communication and admin password are lost

Input ‘In’ 12345 ‘Out’ and press ‘OK’. It will unlock the keypad. Then follow the steps as Situation 2.




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