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How to upgrade the firmware on your Gamut recorder

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This guide will show you how to upgrade the firmware in your recorder. This guide only applies to Gamut recorders released in 2019 or after, primarily the WLNVR, 4/8NVRGT1 or 4/8DVRGT1 recorders. If you are unsure which model you have, check your original order invoice.

Firmware updates can damage a recorder if the system is turned off during the update process. Only perform this update at a time when you know the recorder will not be turned off. If you are updating using a memory stick, do not remove the memory stick during the upgrade process.

Before you begin

You will need to download the latest firmware file from our website:

Now open up the firmware file linked above and open the ‘hdvrupgrade’ folder.

If you want to upgrade the firmware using the recorder and a TV, insert a memory stick into the computer. Now take the file named “H2106_V191216V181220V191226V200318V200318V200318V191118.sw” and copy it onto your memory stick.

If you want to upgrade the firmware using a Windows or Mac computer, simply copy the file named “H2106_V191216V181220V191226V200318V200318V200318V191118.sw” and save it somewhere on your computer that you can find. Also, make sure you have the Surveillance Client program set up on your Windows or Mac computer as this will be needed to perform the update:

How to access your Gamut camera or recorder using a Windows or Mac computer

Let’s get started

Upgrading via recorder and monitor

Insert the memory stick into the USB port on the back of the recorder.

Enter the setup menu of the recorder, then select System > Maintenance > Upgrade.

Click on ‘Select File’ and find the firmware update file on your memory stick, then click ‘OK’. Click ‘Upgrade’ to start the process which will take 5-10 minutes; do not turn off the NVR or remove the memory stick during this time.


Upgrading via a Windows or Mac computer

Once you have Surveillance Client installed and have added your recorder, go to Group Device, then select the Remote Config button:
Then go to Advanced and select Firmware Update:
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Then just click ‘Select’, find the firmware update file in the location where it was saved and click Start. It’ll take 5-10 minutes to finish, so don’t disconnect the recorder from the power supply or the internet connection during this time!

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