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How to reset the network password for your wireless camera system

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Are you trying to connect your wireless monitor screen to the MyCamView app so you can view it on your phone? If you have forgotten the password or it is not connecting after the device has been added to MyCamView, don’t worry! Resetting the network password is extremely easy.

Purpose of the Guide

This guide will show you how to reset the network password, which is needed to view the wireless CCTV footage remotely through the MyCamView app.

Before you Begin

You will need your monitor screen and your phone with MyCamView installed so that you can check the device connects after the network password has been reset. The default password is ‘000000’, so it’s worth trying this first.


The network password is used to ensure that the device can only be viewed remotely by authorised users. It is not needed to use the actual monitor screen itself.

Let’s get Started

  1. Go to Settings in the main menu of the monitor screen
  2. Go to Network in the Settings menu
  3. Go to Reset Password in the Network menu
  4. Select yes to reset the password
  5. The password will now be reset to the default, which is ‘000000’
  6. When you connect to the device in MyCamView you can just enter this password and then it will ask you to enter a new one (because six zeros is not a very secure password).
  7. If it has successfully connected you will see the device in the MyCamView device list with ‘Connected’ underneath.

Importing a Hikvision password reset file into SADP

Purpose of the Guide

This guide will show you how to import your password reset file into the SADP tool so you can reset your password for Hikvision security cameras and CCTV systems.

Please note, we can only password reset Hikvision equipment that was purchased from SpyCameraCCTV. If it is not from us, you will need to contact Hikvision directly, or the suppliers it was purchased from.

Before You Begin

Finally you will need the Hikvision SADP tool which can be downloaded here:

Let’s Get Started

1) Select “import file”.


2) Click on the file icon.


3) Select “desktop” on the left hand side, select the file and click open.


4) Write a new password and confirm it.

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5) Please make sure to select the Reset Network Cameras’ Passwords otherwise you will have to repeat the process for all of your cameras as well.


Your devices’ passwords will now be reset.

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