How to update an NVR via USB using a local monitor and mouse

To update your NVR via USB using a local monitor and mouse please follow the steps below.

1) Download the latest firmware for your device from the link below:

2) Once the firmware has downloaded, extract the .zip file.

Inside the extracted .zip file you will see a folder called ‘firmware’ (all in lower case).

3) Insert your USB stick into your PC and copy the ‘firmware’ folder to the root of the USB stick.


4) Once copied, eject the USB stick, insert it into the front USB port on the NVR.

5) Enter the NVR menu and navigate to the ‘system’ section.

Depending on which NVR you have you will either see a firmware update option on the right-hand side or you will see a maintenance tab at the top of the screen.

Click the firmware update button and the NVR will start its update process.





The update process is full automated, the NVR will reboot once the update has been applied.