Update Firmware for eufySecurity Devices

The eufySecurity App will auto- the devices' status when you first open the App. This article applies to all eufy devices using eufySecurity App.

Check Your Firmware Version

You can check the firmware version of your security device on the App under the page “About Device”.


Steps in App: Device Tab>… icon> Gear icon> > General> About Device > System Version.


Update Your Firmware Version

Normally, when the eufy security device has network (is connected to Wifi), it will the firmware automatically in the wee hours.


If the automatic update fails, please just wait another 24 hours. It will update again in 24 hours. You can use the current version. Don't worry.

You can also manually update the devices' as well in the “About Device” page and check for firmware/check for . It will tell you if the firmware is up to date or not.

eufySecurity Device Firmware & App Version Update Records Consolidation

On the eufySecurity community forum, we have posted a list of Firmware & App Version Update Records.


Here is the link for your reference: https://communitysecurity.eufylife.com/t/firmware-app-version-update-records-consolidation/463839

If the above link cannot meet your needs, please contact eufy customer support for further assistance.

Do I need to update the eufySecurity devices' firmware to use HomeKit?

In most common cases, your eufyCam 2 Series and Indoor Cam 2K Series should have been HomeKit-compatible in production.


In eufySecurity App, you can find the HomeKit or HomeKit Portal option in HomeBase/Camera Settings.


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