Xmeye NVR Installation and User Guide

Xmeye NVR Installation and User Guide, This tutorial applies to xmeye NVR systems,xmeye 4K NVR provides a complete security solution for your home and office network, support for ONVIF Conformance ip cameras. Coming with advanced video compression technology, easy to configure, cloud P2P function for remote view on smartphone, tablet and PC.

XMEYE NVR Installation

Hard Disk Installation

Please install the Hard Disk first. If not, the Video can only monitor normally, but it can not record or playback.


1. Remove the case


2. Plug in SATA cable


3. Screw HDD to the bottom


4. Install the case back

Notice: Please try to choose a special monitoring hard drive disk in order to record for a longer time. The video recorder supports 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive Warning: please make sure the power is off before installation.

Boot & Preview

Make sure the power supply matches the requirements of the hard disk video recorder.
After connecting the power, the indicator on the front of the NVR will light on and you will hear a buzzer sound, then the display will boot up and the device will access to the preview image.
After the recovery of the non-normal power failure, the device will be automatically restored to the state before the power is off.


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Function Setting

Login System

After the normal boot, you have to log in first and the system will provide the corresponding function according to the user's rights.

Right click the mouse – (Main Menu)

Default username: admin
:(leave it blank, null password)

HDD Setup

Right click the mouse >Main Menu>Advanced>HDD info