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Zosi DVR/NVR Firmware Software Download

Zosi DVR NVR Firmware Software Download

DVR Upgrade Files ZR08MN / ZR08MM and ZR08MS_V1.6.2 Upgrade File_rootfs-3520dv400 ZR04TN_V1.6.1 Upgrade File_rootfs-3531dv100 ZR04CN and ZR04CM_V1.6.1 Upgrade File_rootfs-3520dv400 ZR04ZN and ZR04ZM_V1.4.4 Upgrade File_rootfs-hi3520d ZR04ZN and ZR04ZM_V1.6.1 Upgrade File_rootfs-hi3520d ZR04FN and ZR04FM_V1.4.4 Upgrade File_rootfs-3520dv300 ZR04FN and ZR04FM_V1.6.1 Upgrade File_rootfs-3520dv300 ZR04JS_V1.2.1 Upgrade File_rootfs-3521a (2827) ZR04JS_V1.4.5 Upgrade File_rootfs-3531a (2827) ZR04JS_V1.5.3 Upgrade File_rootfs-3521dv100 (2829) …

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