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How to Connect a WiFi Camera to WiFi Router to Wired NVR

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How to Connect a WiFi Camera to WiFi Router to Wired NVR


This shows you how to connect a WiFi Camera to a wired NVR through a Wireless and Wired Router.


  • A WiFi Camera
  • A NVR
  • A Wireless and Wired Router

Video Instructions

YouTube video

Step by Step Instructions

Note: These instructions only apply for WiFi Cameras.

1. Connect the NVR and IP Camera directly to your router, switch, or modem with an Ethernet cable.

2. Open the ConfigTool and locate your NVR and IP Camera, and check that both devices are on the network. If this is the first time you are setting these devices up, plug them in one at a time and follow the link in this step to find instructions on how to change their IP’s. This will ensure you do not have duplicate IP’s of the default (


3. Login to both devices using Internet Explorer. We will open these on two separate tabs. These two IP networks, one wireless and the other wired, will have the following ip scheme for this test:

  • NVR Wired IP:
  • Wireless Router IP: (SSID: DahuaTraining)
  • Camera Wired IP:
  • Camera Wireless IP:


4. Configure the Wireless Router in it’s AP/Wireless menu, this is where all of the information that you will need for addressing the wireless camera and NVR begins. The Wireless Router AP is hosting the network for both the wired NVR and the wireless to the camera in this scenario. The Wifi Camera will need an IP address in the range of the DHCP Server, and also withing the default gateway. We will use an IP in the router’s default range 192.168.1.(100-200) Make sure you have the correct login credentials for this router.

5. Configure the Camera via the Setup->Network->TCP/IP and select the wireless Ethernet card.

6. Select DHCP, or Configure the IP address on Static to match the Default Gateway and Subnet mask configured in step 4, then enter in an IP within the DHCP range. For this example we will use our designated IP address from step 3 ( Then select Save.


7. Navigate on the Camera to Setup->Network->WiFi, this is the menu that needs to be used to connect the device to the Wireless Router’s SSID of DahuaTraining. Select Add SSID and enter the password and select connect, or if the SSID is hidden Manually add the SSID and password. Select refresh to see if you have connected to the AP. After this the Wireless camera has been connected to the Wireless Router, but not added to the NVR’s devices yet.




8. Unplug the Wifi Camera from the Network via the Ethernet cable as it is now connected by wireless. Go to the login page and also check the Config Tool to see if the camera is appearing on the network.


8. Navigate on the NVR to the SETTING->CAMERA->REMOTE menu where you can see devices that are connected via wired network. If you see your camera here select the check box and add it, make sure you have the appropriate login information. If you cannot see your camera here please select the manual add button and input the camera’s appropriate login information and select Save.


9. After the camera is added you might need to wait for the video feed to cache, select the Refresh button to make sure the Status indication is GREEN and not RED.


10. Select Preview and then the Camera that was added to ensure the stream is running correctly. At this time you can disconnect the wireless camera from the wired network and install it where there is wireless coverage.


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