The key file fails to erase password, even with admin rights and after the ARP Table confirms routing.


You can deploy firmware as an alternate way to reset a camera’s password, but you must use an older version of deployment software “without authentication”.

Note: Before updating firmware, stop all streams and views from the camera.

  1. Download and extract the attached firmware loader utility to your desktop (attached below).
  2. Right-click FirmwareLoader.exe and select Run As Administrator.
  3. Select Find Cameras — This creates a firewall exception for the tool as well.
    1. If the camera is found: Increase the camera’s timeout to 1000.
    2. If the camera is not found: Enter the camera’s IP Address and Increase the timeout to 1000.
  4. Select Upgrade Firmware.
  5. Find and select the firmware you want to update to (in most cases, this is the same version as currently installed on the camera).
  6. Select Open. The update may take some time to complete.

Use a constant ping to monitor for a reply from the camera to confirm the process has completed. The camera should no longer require a password. If you can go to the camera’s IP address in a web browser without being prompted for user and password, the process was successful.