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OpenEye Camera Firmware 2023

OpenEye Camera Firmware , Install a complete OpenEye solution featuring seamless integration pairing OpenEye cameras with OpenEye recorders and OpenEye Web Services. OpenEye cameras provide optimal High Definition video, can be configured and accessed remotely through OWS using single sign-on, remotely power cycled, and are ONVIF™ compliant.

How Do I Update My Camera’s Firmware?

It is important to install firmware updates for your camera when updates to ensure the latest security and system protections. You can update firmware on multiple OpenEye cameras at one time if you’re on the local network using the Network Camera Manager application. If you need to update cameras remotely, you can access the camera through OpenEye Web Services using Camera Link.


Update the firmware on a 10/20/30/32 Series OpenEye Camera
  1. Download the firmware update from the product page or Support downloads page on
  2. Connect to the camera using Camera Link.
  3. Click Setup on the top menu.
  4. Click Maintenance Maintenance on the side menu.
  5. Under Software Upgrade, click Browse and navigate to the firmware file saved on your local PC.
  6. Click Upgrade and then click OK to confirm that you want to upgrade the software.
  7. After you see the message “Upgraded Successfully. Please log in.” refresh the browser page.

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Reset the Factory Default Settings
  1. Enter the camera credentials to log in.
  2. Click Setup on the top menu.
  3. Click Maintenance Maintenance on the side menu.
  4. Under Config Management, click Default to restore factory default settings and then OK to confirm.

NOTE: The camera password and network settings will remain unchanged. All other camera settings will be reset to factory default settings.

How Do I Check My OpenEye Camera Firmware Version?

You can check your camera firmware version through multiple methods in OWS.


Inventory Report

View camera firmware versions in the Inventory Report under Reports in the OWS Cloud Portal.

If you haven’t created an Inventory Report, follow these steps to create new Inventory Reports.

The Cameras tab on the Inventory Report includes the following information:

Camera Tab Inventory Reports.png

Recorder Name Total Storage PTZ
Camera Name Total Retention (Days) Audio
Manufacturer Event Resolution 360
Model Name (Generation / Revision) Event FPS Analytics
Serial Number Event Bitrate IP Address
Firmware Event GOP MAC Address
Total Retention (Days) Continuous Bitrate Integration ID
Event FPS Recording Mode Recorder Device ID

NOTE: Model Name includes the Model Name of the Camera, Generation, and Revision.

NOTE: On the Cameras tab, the Total Storage Available and IP Address columns are locked to prevent users from attempt to sort.

NOTE: Serial Numbers for 3rd party cameras will also display when added over ONVIF in Apex Server Software version 2.7 or above.

NOTE: Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Inventory Report screen to view more columns.

NOTE: You can customize the Recorder Inventory Report table. See Table Functionality for more information.


Camera UI

View your camera firmware version within the camera UI. To access via OWS, use camera link:

  1. Click Setup (Gear Icon). clipboard_e42c73e33cb1ca77feb3c2c1180c37adc.png
  2. Under General Configuration, navigate to the Cameras menu.
  3. Select a camera by clicking on it.
  4. Click the Live / Recording tab.
  5. Click Connect Directly to Camera.


For most OpenEye cameras, this would be found under Setup > Basic Info > Version Info in the camera UI.

answers.openeyeCamera Manual - C1012D2-S - Setup - Basic Info.JPG

Title Version
CM-715 and CM-715I Firmware 620120216NS ViewDownload
CM-715A and CM-715AI Firmware 620120216NS ViewDownload
CM-610 and CM-710 Firmware 620120216NS ViewDownload
CM-814 Firmware 620120829NS ViewDownload
CM-730 Firmware 620110908NS ViewDownload
OE-C6112-W Camera Firmware pc20150605NSX ViewDownload
OE-C7564-AWR, OE-C7624-AWR, and OE-C6614-AWR Camera Firmware pc20200325NSP ViewDownload
OE-C6123-W, OE-C6413-AWR, and OE-C7413-AWR Camera Firmware pc20200513NSQ ViewDownload
OE-C7034 and OE-C7044 Camera Firmware B5023P10D1904C60 ViewDownload
OE-C7088-AWR and OE-C7098-AWR Camera Firmware B0009P10D1904C69 ViewDownload
OE-C7084-AWR and OE-C7094-AWR Camera Firmware B5028P10D1904C60 ViewDownload
OE-C9518 Camera Firmware pc20180409NSZ ViewDownload
OE-C7032-WR Firmware B0013P10D1904C70 ViewDownload
OE-C97512 Camera Firmware B0009P10D1904C69 ViewDownload
OE-C7564-AWR RevB, OE-C7624-AWR RevB Camera Firmware pc20200327RP ViewDownload
OE-C8213 Camera Firmware pc20200527RS ViewDownload
OE-C1011D4-1 Camera Firmware IPC_G6107-B0002P86D1806C100 ViewDownload
OE-C3012T4-1 Camera Firmware IPC_G6107-B0002P86D1806C100 ViewDownload
OE-C7224-AWR Camera Firmware pc20180409NSZ ViewDownload
OE-C8103 and OE-C8203 Camera Firmware pc20180409NSZ ViewDownload
OE-C7312-AWR Camera Firmware pc20150605NSX ViewDownload
OE-C6012-RW Camera Firmware v2.1.1.1 ViewDownload
OE-C6022 Camera Firmware v2.1.1.1 ViewDownload
OE-C7012-RW Camera Firmware v2.1.1.1 ViewDownload
OE-C7022 Camera Firmware v2.1.1.1 ViewDownload
CM-716 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
CM-611 and CM-711 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
OE-C7163 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
OE-C6412 and OE-C7412 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
CM-816 and CM-806 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
CM-L812 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
CM-722 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
CM-650 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
OE-C6112 and OE-C7112 Camera Firmware pc20150516NSA ViewDownload
OE-C2012B4-1 Camera Firmware IPC_G6107-B0002P86D1806C100 ViewDownload
OE-C3011D4-1 Camera Firmware IPC_G6107-B0002P86D1806C100 ViewDownload
OE-C1012D2-1 Camera Firmware IPC_G6107-B0002P86D1806C100 ViewDownload
OE-C3014D4-1 Camera Firmware IPC_G6107-B0002P86D1806C100 ViewDownload
OE-C1014D4-1 Camera Firmware IPC_G6107-B0002P86D1806C100 ViewDownload
OE-C2012B8-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6203.3.82.C05590.NB.220601 ViewDownload
OE-C3012T8-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6203.3.82.C05590.NB.220601 ViewDownload
OE-C1016T2-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C9112F12-1 Camera Firmware pc20230203UX ViewDownload
OE-C1011D4-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C1012D2-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C1014D4-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C3012T4-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C2012B4-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C3011D4-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C3212D4-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C3212D8-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6203.3.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C2012B8-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6203.3.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C3012T8-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6203.3.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C1013D4-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C3012T4B-S-1 Camera Firmware IPC-B6202.5.82.C055118.NB.221228 ViewDownload
OE-C9912M20-1 Camera Firmware camC6P_01.00.0069 ViewDownload


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